Privacy Policy


SOYO INTERNATIONAL CORP. (hereinafter referred to as This Company) understands that the appropriate handling and protection of private information is one of the company's social responsibilities.

This Company adheres to laws related to the protection of private information and works to gain the trust of society based on its basic policy for the protection of private information (the SOYO INTERNATIONAL CORP. Privacy Policy).

  1. When This Company collects private information, it will clarify the purpose of the use thereof and carry out the collection in a legal and fair manner within the scope required to achieve that purpose.
  2. When This Company uses the private information, it will clarify the purpose of use to the individual who is the owner of the private information and use said information in This Company's business within the scope of that purpose only, except when stipulated by law.
  3. Except when stipulated by law, This Company will not disclose or provide the private information to a third party without the consent of the individual.
  4. When This Company cosigns the private information to an outside party for the commission of work, appropriate supervision will be carried out to ensure that the receiving party secures measures for the protection of the private information.
  5. When the individual requests the disclosure, correction, cessation of use, or deletion of their personal private information possessed by This Company, This Company shall comply post haste with the request in accordance with the law.
  6. In order to secure the accuracy and safety of the private information, This Company shall assign a Private Information Administrator and establish an appropriate administrative structure, carry out education and training for its officers and employees on the importance of protecting private information, and work to prevent the loss, damage, alteration, or leakage of the private information.
  7. This Company shall release the "SOYO INTERNATIONAL CORP. Privacy Policy" publicly and stipulate "SOYO INTERNATIONAL CORP. Privacy Regulations" to be disseminated to and upheld by all officers, employees, and other related persons.
  8. This Company shall uphold all laws regarding private information and will work to continually improve the administrative structure for the protection of private information.

April 1, 2005

About the Handling of Private Information

In accordance with the "SOYO INTERNATIONAL CORP. Privacy Policy", SOYO INTERNATIONAL CORP. shall collect the customer's private information under the following conditions.

  1. Purpose of use of the private information
    For the shipment of products, the mailing of catalogs and direct mail, related sales activities, and to provide information on related products and services.
    ※Except when stipulated by law or when the consent of the customer is given, private information shall not be used for any purpose other than the above.
  2. Shared use of private information
    This Company will engag in the shared use of a portion of the customer's private information with This Company's group companies according to the following conditions.

    (1).Items subject to shared use: customer address, name, age, telephone number, and gender
    (2).Parties to shared use: group companies related to This Company( )
    (3).Purpose of shared use: purpose of use in 1. above.

  3. Safe administration of private information
    This Company will make the utmost effort to safely store the private information under thorough administration and ensure that the information is not leaked to an outside party.
  4. Provision and disclosure of private information
    Except when given the consent of the customer or under the following conditions, the private information shall not be provided or disclosed to a third party.

    (1).When an outside contractor is commissioned to carry out work for the purpose of use above.
    (2).When a request for disclosure is received from a judiciary agency, government agency, or similar agency in accordance with legal regulations.

  5. Requests for disclosure, correction, or cessation of use of private information
    When the customer requests disclosure of their private information, it shall be disclosed, and when in error it shall be corrected.
    Further, when the mailing of catalogs and direct mail listed in the above purpose of use is no longer required, said use shall be terminated. However, some time may be required for processing for said termination of use to take effect.
    Please contact the following regarding disclosure, correction, and cessation of use.

    Tel.+81-78-854-2323 Fax.+81-78-854-2370