Organic Cosmetics has been more popular coming along with increasing the attention to healthy and Organic products.
KOMENUKA BIJIN is a Organic Cosmetics made from Rice Bran. "Komenura" means "Rice Bran", "Bijin" means "Beautiful Lady" in Japanese. It is very popular products in Japan and is being popular in USA.
After being discovered chemically that Rice Bran contains a form of Liquefied Oryzanol, Vitamin B that can help soften skin and regenerate new healthy skin. Komenuka Bijin is made from mainly Rice Bran with other natural ingredients such as Aloe, Seaweed, Coconut Oil and so on.
Special Feature of Komenuka Bijin is "Moistrure Retention" & "Very Skin-Friendly" due to following content.

A) Rice Bran
B) Natural Yeast containing Natural Vitamin B1,B2 and Amino Acid
C) Moisture Retention
D) Skin-Friendly
E) Made in Japan (Severe Quality Controls)