Sportwool®Higher Performance

Sport wool® is composed of Merino wool inside with superb moisture absorption and polyester outside with high vapor diffusion,o which combination provides Sport wool® with the highly enhanced performance of unique vapor transefer and wicking property.Trus Sport wool® is a milestone material realizing an excellent function of temperature humidity control and eventually always keeps the wearer comfortable during in action.

The key features of Sportwool®
  • Superb function of temperature humidity control always keeps the skin surface of the wearer dry.
  • Keep the temperature inside the garment comfortable durung incentive action.
  • Provides the wearer soft to touch and fresh to wear.Suitable for casual wear.
  • Keeps the easy care property of machine washable(gentle cycle)at home.

Sportwool®Benefits to the wearer in action

Extensive research and development and testing results in cooperation with CSIRO* definitely show that Sportwool® in action stays cool and comfortable when compared with synthetic garment under the same conditions.
*Commonwealth(of Australia)Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

Sportwool® A micro-climate comtrol mechanism